Creation of a glass partition-type space

Creation of a window, glass partition type between 2 bedrooms : Keep the luminosity and ventilation by separating a parental bedroom into 2 bedrooms

Step 1

Preparation of the partition before installation

A partition was created to divide a large room into a parent's room and a child's room. It was opened to bring light and ventilation to the children's room.

Image step - 1
Step 2

Manufacture of the wood frame

The frame is a wooden framework that will allow the insertion of the central window and 2 fixed panels on either side.

Image step - 2
Step 3

Fixing the window to the wood frame.

The window frame is attached to the wood frame.

Image step - 3
Step 4

Fixing of the wooden frame in the created partition wall

The frame and the window are fixed to the partition.

Image step - 4
Step 5

Closure of the frame with wooden panels

We close the frame over the window before applying a coating.

Image step - 5
Step 6

Laying of coatings

Coatings prepare the surface for painting and even out the entire frame.

Image step - 6
Step 7

Installation of double glazing

For total sound and heat insulation, 2 custom-made double-glazed panels are fitted to the left and right of the central sliding window to enlarge the initial window to make a glass partition type window for better light and ventilation.

Image step - 7
Step 8

Painting of coatings and frame

After the installation of the double glazing, we paint the plaster and the frame with a primer and then in the chosen colour.

Image step - 8
Step 9

Window finishes

Installation of wood mouldings and acrylic joints

Image step - 9
Step 10

Painting of the partition

Adding the last touches of paint

Image step - 10
Step 11

Final result

Child's bedroom view

Image step - 11
Step 12

Final result

Parental bedroom view

Image step - 12