Saving space with a COSY cabinet

- seating area
ideal for saving space.
- storage space
closed by push doors.
- connected space
with power socket and USB
- customizable space on quotation (colour, size, options ...).

Step 1

Cutting wood planks and cleats.

You can cut yourself with a jigsaw or circular saw. But the cuts will not be as neat and precise as with a professional (carpenter or DIY shop).

Image step - 1
Step 2

Assembling the panels and structures.

We recommend that you use two people to assemble the large panels and to move the structure.

Image step - 2
Step 3

Fixing the internal partitions of the design furniture.

Use special wood or chipboard screws: wood screws with countersunk head and slotted thread, the conical countersunk head will sink into the wood and disappear completely and the slotted thread will dig into the wood and prevent it from splitting when tightening.

Image step - 3
Step 4

Installation of the shelves of the design furniture.

Remember to measure the niches to the desired height before fixing the cleats supporting the shelves. The heights can be different according to your needs but must be harmonious.

Image step - 4
Step 5

Drilling the holes for the light fixtures.

We recommend that you use a hole saw. A bell-shaped tip that attaches to a drill.

Image step - 5
Step 6

Fixing the bottom

Fixing 3mm thick fibre panels (in medium or MDF) with small 2cm long flat-headed nails.

Image step - 6
Step 7

Fitting the press buttons.

You have the possibility to choose decorative handles or an invisible push button system that will make your cosy more design.

Image step - 7
Step 8

Setting up the spotlights and switches.

Think of passing your cables and switches through electrical strips to meet safety standards

Image step - 8
Step 9

Connecting usb plug and mains socket.

It is better to have some notions of electricity to get started with the connection. Tip: Get help or follow one of our next tutorials.

Image step - 9
Step 10


Presentation of the finished piece of furniture.

Image step - 10
Step 11

Last step

Decorate it at your convenience with trendy elements!

Image step - 11