Custom installation of a light wood imitation floor covering

Replacement of an old tile floor with a wood imitation PVC flooring

Step 1

Preparation of the floor

After removing the old tiles and the tiled baseboards, the floor was levelled to be perfectly smooth.

Image step - 1
Step 2

Preparation of the tools

The tools necessary for the installation are gathered, rubber mallet, cutter, glue comb ...

Image step - 2
Step 3

Floor gluing

We apply row of glue with a spatula and a glue comb to glue the planks.

Image step - 3
Step 4

Installation of the pvc plank flooring

We install and clip the planks

Image step - 4
Step 5

Adjustment of the installation, with the mallet

Joints are adjusted

Image step - 5
Step 6

Measurement of the last plank

we measure the distance to cut and install the last plank

Image step - 6
Step 7

Installation of the following rows

we glue a second row

Image step - 7
Step 8

Continuation of the installation

mallet adjustment

Image step - 8
Step 9

Installation of the last rows

The installation of the planks is almost finished

Image step - 9
Step 10

Baseboard installation

The baseboards ensuring the finish and hiding the cut-outs of the planks were installed all around the room.

Image step - 10
Step 11

Close view of the baseboards

baseboard angles

Image step - 11
Step 12

View of the adjacent hallway

Planks were also installed in the hallway near the bedroom.

Image step - 12
Step 13

Doorstep view

The planks have been perfectly adjusted between the room and the hallway

Image step - 13