Making a design dressing room

A dressing room can be set up in a spacious bedroom or in a separate room. For some people it is a space-saver, for others it is a way of life

Step 1

Needs assessment

We measure the room or the place where the dressing room is to be installed. We ask the customer about his tastes and we are inspired by the existing or strong parts of his property.

Image step - 1
Step 2

3d modeling of the project

Thanks to measurements and photos taken on site or remotely, we create 3D plans so that you can visualize your project.

Image step - 2
Step 3

Assembly and fixing of the structure

We assemble and fix the wooden and glass structures pre-cut by the carpenter and glassmaker.

Image step - 3
Step 4

Final result

This is a dressing room with hinged doors. These doors close your storage space and allow the space to have another function (office, ...) Its modular blocks allow you to move them at will or to bring them with you if you move.

Image step - 4