About us

About us

Our role

Decorate, furnish or renovate your interior by combining modernity and your personal taste.
We propose you a questionnaire to know your tastes, the tendencies which you like or the strong parts of your good which you want to emphasize.
Then we make 3D plans to visualize the project before the work is carried out.

From this base we create unique and modern pieces to your taste.
Thus we will give a unique character to your property which will be an additional asset in your project of moving in, home improvement, rental or sale.
Our wish is to make your project a long-lasting one, while respecting your budget.
We offer you custom-made furniture designed by us and made by us (or craftsmen) or chiné or new. We also integrate decorative elements that you already have in order to realize a project of decoration to measure and in coherence with your project.




Founder of Lucina Art, Valérie is a woman with multiple skills, particularly in the field of Art. Moreover, a true globe-trotter, she is inspired by her many travels to decorate or paint.

Her qualities: Creativity, conviviality and ability to adapt to any type of project.

Her experiences :
- Photography: photo shooting for many artists and fashion shows. Realization of Art photography.

- Painting : painter, she worked in close collaboration with a Fine Arts teacher.
She puts her paintings at your disposal if you wish it within the framework of interior decoration to make your property unique :Show her art.

-Decoration : She has designed and supervised many renovation projects of apartments for rent or sale.

Her role: project designer

Concretely, Valérie, founder of Lucina ART will advise you, on site or remotely (by email, Whatsapp, Skype) on the current trends to harmonize them with your personal tastes after having studied your property remotely or on site.
If the study is done at a distance, you will be asked for recent photos and plans of your property. Valerie will also be able to transform your ideas into 3D plans and submit them to you online or on site. 3D plans can be invoiced independently of the project.
She will guide you on the choices to be made on textures and materials to keep a unity and harmony of the whole property




Founder of Lucina Design, Yannick is a man of many skills too.

At the age of 10, he spent his free time in his father's workshop inventing and making furniture and inventing electronic objects to make them more practical and functional than what was on the market at the time.

His experiences : Obtaining a scientific degree favoured his rigour and made him a polytechnicien, able to bring advanced technical solutions related to installations in the framework of an interior design project.
Our team also works in collaboration with a certified structural engineer.

Its qualities:
His rigour and his pronounced taste for craftsmanship and handmade (hand-made), precision work, have led him to develop his skills in the field of design.

His role: executive project manager

Concretely, he will carry out the decoration project created and validated by Valérie and you and he will adjust your project according to the constraints observed on site in order to combine functionality, comfort and unity